Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mmmm...meatless chicken noodle soup

My last post ended off with David Suzuki's challenge to have "meat-free-Mondays". It seems this is a popular idea as I found on the Meatless Monday website! I found a recipe for meatless chicken noodle soup when not feeling well and craving any sort of childhood ailment comfort. Ginger ale and crackers out of the way, as a vegetarian i have missed the comfort of chicken noodle soup! You know, the soothing feeling - the one that makes you feel like you are recovering from what ever is making you sick. This just shows that with a few alterations to your favourite menu items, meatless options are an easy possibility!

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  1. have you ever read the book skinny bitch by any chance? the book is about following an organic vegan diet, based mainly on the argument of health and losing weight, but they talk about how good it is for the environment, animal cruelty issues, etc too. its a really blunt honest book, and they end it with a list of recommended vegan brands and products. the authors also did another book, skinny bitch in the kitch that has a ton of vegan recipes! thought you might be interested if you havent already read it.