Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kale Chips All Ways

Munchy Munchy Yum Time! Kale Chips are the best all year around. I feel so lucky that we have access and availability to such a nutrient rich and tasty leafy green! There are so many benefits to kale, and many varieties aswell! Invest in organic if possible. Here are a few standard kale chip recipes that I always come back to. Simply spread out on a baking sheet and put it in the oven at around 300 degrees for approx. 15 mins or until crispy. More satisfying than store bought chips for our palate and body. Easy to grow in various outdoor temperatures, this hearty vegetable is great in salads, stirfrys and smoothies. Enjoy and give thanks to the simplicity and complexity of nature's bounty!

Wash, chop and drizzle kale pieces with your oil of choice.

Some favourable spice combinations are as follows. Experiment with your spice rack. Add chilli powder to taste for a spicy kick!

+salt & pepper, paprika, cumin, nutritional yeast

+salt & pepper, cumin, curry powder, turmeric

+salt & pepper, garlic, onion

+salt & pepper

Thursday, April 25, 2013


There are a lot of spring queens out there but this lady has just gotten started. Thanks to a friend, I was given basic directions and some seeds to begin growing my own sprouts! This really is as easy you've heard it was! Rinse them a few times a day and very soon you will be enjoying the health benefits and fresh taste of sprouts. There are so many types of seeds and beans that you can sprout. Do your research and add some alkaline healing to your diet! Here is an incredible resource called "Seeds of Sustainability". What can't you do with a mason jar and nature's magic!?


organic alfalfa seeds (2 tsp)

organic mung beans (2 tbsp)

mason jar

cheese cloth/netting/steel mesh/cutting of pantyhose/anything that will allow drainage!

*or you can use a tray


soak overnight or for 8 - 12 hours

drain and spread out in a tray or in the mason jar (on its side)

rinse with water 3x daily

Ready to eat in 4 - 6 days. Provide exposure to sunlight only a for a few hours during growth process. Keep in minimal exposure to sunlight most of the time. You will know when they are ready by how they look! Best eaten fresh or alternatively, keep in refrigerator after the seeds have sprouted.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raw Vegan Brownies!

Iranian Dates

20 dates, pitted
4 tbsps. cocoa powder
5 tbsps. crushed mixed nuts
1 tsp vanilla extract

Shredded coconut topping

Blend in food processor. These ingredients need to be simply mixed together to enjoy! It should become a fluffy, malleable consistency. Spread mixture into a deep dish container and sprinkle with coconut flakes/shredded coconut. Let sit in the fridge for approx. 1/2 hour before digging in! What an authentic brownie flavour, so great for a chocolate craving! So ridiculously simple to make. Could easily be handmixed if food processor or big blender is not available. Enjoy chocolate monsters!