Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sustainability Centre for Earth Hour

I would like to share the warm welcome that the folks at Kingston Sustainability Centre gave us upon arrival! As part of the program I am currently enrolled in, myself and two other students - Dave and Emily - have started a three week placement. We are very exited to be working with environmental initiatives, projects and displays! Promoting awareness and advocating for lowering one's ecological footprint are a main focus. I will use eco-veg footprint as a blog-log for documentation of our ideas and experiences. It is our third day into the centre in beautiful downtown Kingston, ON and we have already learned about SO much. Our current focus is collecting, organizing and presenting/displaying/distributing knowledge about water, waste, energy and food. You may have guessed that my area of strength is how our food choices impact the ecosystem! I was astonished for example though at my ecofootprint of water - using less of it is definetely one of my "challenges for change".

I am looking forward to sharing alot of environmental info including alot of how-to's! Many interesting and relevant topics have already arisen - stay tuned for future posts about solar power, vermicomposting, sustainable fashion and more. Upcoming this Saturday, March 27th is EARTH HOUR from 8:30-9:30pm which is the international initiative to conserve energy, showing government and mother earth how much we need to care about changing on an individual and collective level. The centre is part of the event occuring this weekend in the downtown Spring Market Square. From 7pm-10pm it will feature a candlelit evening of speeches, local vendors and musicians. We will be there volunteering with an inter-active game that challenges people to choose an environmental initiative in their own lives or communities. The night will also include a completely off-the-grid concert aswell! Here are Dave and Emily working on our display for the earh hour day event that we are so exited for! Looking forward to celebrating with you on Satuday if you're in Kingston or anywhere doing something for energy conservation!

Do you go to Queen's? Queen's University's Sustainability Office is also offering earth hour fun so check it out on campus too! "Queen's will mark Earth Hour in an exciting and celestial way this year. Earth Hour Among the Stars will take place on Saturday, March 27, from 7:30 - 9:30 at the Queen's Observatory in Ellis Hall."

Find out even more about Earth Hour on!

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  1. nicole -that is great that you are making us aware of how we can all do our part to save the planet-you make us very proud
    love and miss you-aunt judy xxoxox