Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DIY Contact Cards

Passing Around An Environmental Message.......

Finishing up the first batch of personal business cards could not have been easier environmentally. Amidst the "debris" of a throwaway society is a plethora of materials and resources. This is an opportunity for all, in this case, DIY artists! Inherent in the Do-It-Yourself movement is an ethic of reusing, recycling and reforming "found materials" into creative and useful outputs. Zines, bookmarks, collages, postcards, letters (in the good old fashioned snail mail post), and picture frame borders are just a few of the ways to make use of scrap paper. By selecting an array of words and images and by cutting, copying and pasting (non-electronically) them, you can create a message that is artistic and ecologically friendly. This is how I've made contact cards - you and your friends should tooooooooooooo

Step 1

- using a typewriter, recycled computer paper or a simple writing instrument: cut out strips of paper with your various contact information (name, email, twitter account, etc.)

Step 2

-cut out card sized pieces of paper from a little thicker material such as used cardboard or bristolboard

Step 3

-glue personal info onto one side of the cards

Step 4

-after collecting images and words that suit you and your message, make a mini-collage on the other side of the cards. use your visual art drawing skills if available (in my case, not..!)

Step 5

-clean up egdes of cards with scissors and let dry

Step 6

- press into the pages of a thick book or place under a flat weighty object
(this is to seal the stray edges of scrap paper you see!)

DONE! Celebrate creativity, recycling, imagination and environmentalism.

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