Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Air Vegan Detox

Well I suppose that St. Patty's Day is probably not the most ideal occasion to make detoxing efforts! Despite this, the need for at least a mini cleanse, somewhat of my own creation, is underway. The day began with a double shot of wheatgrass and dried apricots. For lunch, an apple and a green smoothie blend - a common detox cleansing tool and raw foodism transition item. It is apparently really easy to care for and grow plants from the grass family! Though, a juicer is needed for substances such as wheatgrass since it is impossible for our human stomachs to process it - or else I'm sure you'll end up on the toilet all day (which is also what can happen if artichoke leaves are injested)! Anyhow, during any cleanse your body is going to want to expel toxins so make sure a washroom is nearby regardless! Give this a try and experiment with other healthy ingredients like ginger, hemp seeds or preferred protien infusion.

Green Day Blend! Smoothie Recipe

1 tsp frozen chopped lemongrass

1 1/2 tsp macha powder

200ml rice milk


small lemon wedge

Overcoming a recent bout of sickness, holiday cuisine, consumption of animal products, substance intake as well as excessive exposure to and/or injestion of various harmful chemicals are some of the many reasons for detox. Different plans to fit your individual needs and preferences can be found on line, especially on vegan blogs! Vegan Around the World Network is a helpful fusion of veg individuals and their ideas from around the globe. Recently just got some detox ideas from Your Daily Vegan. Yoga, sweat, exercise, sauna if you can! Drinking lemon water constantly throughout the day paired with fresh fruits and veggies, whole foods, non-processed selections and taking a break from soy as much as possible!
Happy Spring Cleaning!

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