Monday, April 18, 2011

Compost Fun, Literally!

So even though winter composting is a go here in snowy Canada (there is currently spring snow here in London, ON!?!!!!), its not the easiest time to install one! We have had some very sunny and mild days and as soon as the ground thawed I installed a composter as pictured below. It gave me great pleasure to know that so much of the kitchen waste was no longer garbage but instead a way to eliminate the number of trash bags and fertilize the world!

Composting is basically a necessary action, whether situated in an urban or rural location. Since it does not include animal products and byproducts being broken down, there should not be significant trouble with critters wanting their share. A few select items are alright like eggshells but dairy and meat products are a no-no as they throw off the most ideal soil nutrient content and composting process. Animal feces (i.e. from your pets or farm animals) are of course great fertiizer but from what I understand are best to keep separately from your decomposing organic materials. Think about where this eventually rich soil will end up - for many the answer is in the garden - in your piece of earth - in your produce - and in you!

Finding the right location was a question I needed answers for. What I discovered through research about the topic enabled me to choose a convenient (near the kitchen) and ideal spot!

So what makes an ideal composting location so ideal?

-good drainage -medium sunlight exposure -close to kitchen -away from wind

-away from wooden structures as it causes rotting

The links below should provide you with what you need to know including a list of compost friendly materials! Get ready to fertilize and produce rich garden material the organic and sustainable way.

Thames Regional Ecological Association

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