Friday, September 2, 2011

Reclaim The Streets in London - Sept 17th & 18th!


Car Free Festival: REIMAGINE PUBLIC SPACE ON SEPT 17th & 18th

"Car Free Festival is a unique opportunity to promote the environment, health, local economy, culture, community, and above all have fun! The idea is not new, as many street festivals have taken place in our city in the past. What is new, however, is the approach. Collaborating with over 20 events and organizations will allow Car Free Festival to bring its important message and celebration to the people of this city up to 10 times this year in Downtown and other London neighbourhoods. With collaboration as our cornerstone value, Car Free Festival will be the collective creation of the London community. Community ownership, above all else, is critical to the success of Car Free Festival. "

Who is OurStreet?
"Our Street London acts as a catalyst to help the people of London envision a sustainable future for our community. Through a collaborative relationship with community members, local and provincial governments, business owners, and non‐profit groups we work to inspire a united vision of London in which people‐based street and urban design are at the forefront of our future."

"To promote the equality of all street users including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and motorists of all ages and abilities in order to maximize our city's economic and cultural potential by fostering a safe, healthy, and environmentally sustainable community.
Walking, cycling and taking public transit benefits our environment, our health and our community: and it all takes place on our street. Car Free Sunday strives to encourage a city that is strong, vibrant and full of healthy people and happy communities. "

Our Environment
"The most effective way to address global climate change is through local action. In London, the greatest local source of greenhouse gas emissions is personal vehicle use. Beyond climate change, automobiles also represent a significant contribution to air quality issues effecting our health and quality of life. Getting more Londoners to walk, bicycle, and take public transit is an important step toward local environmental health and global environmental sustainability.
Prioritizing pedestrians and bicycles in the transportation network creates a more aesthetically pleasing urban environment for everyone. Planters that act as buffers between walkers and speeding cars add much needed beauty to a city landscape. People‐based street design also helps to reduce noise pollution, further improving the urban environment and quality of life."

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