Monday, August 3, 2009


I have just returned from an Atlantic Canadian month long road trip! Along the way my friend and I encountered many vegetarian and vegan successes and hurdles while camping, travelling and dining across the eastern portion of the country. I can't wait to share all of the amazing recipes and ideas on ecovegfootprint!
One of our favourite meals came from a restaurant in Montreal's Chinatown. My friend Jessie and I tried our first veg Pho! This is a Vietnamese noodle soup that is so yummy and really feels like it envelopes the whole body. It feels so healthy to eat and would keep anyone warm during cold Canadian winter months. The veg aspect of the soup is incorporated by easily using any other type of broth besides beef. Traditional ingredients are interesting and slightly complex if you are not used to cooking Asian cuisine. As there are many ways to make it depending on the region, Pho recipes can be easily morphed. I find that a key ingredient besides noodles is fennel. I have been growing this herb in my garden for the first time and it has been interesting! More about that in another post because I want to share this Pho! I tried a recipe that came from the memories of my taste buds. I recommend going out to try some that is authentic. Nevertheless here is what I came up with and my friends, family and I thought it was a very good!
Keep in mind that quantity depends on how large a batch you want to make. Also that these are the specific ingredients I used but any can be substituted. It only takes about 5 minutes cooking time which I suppose makes it a somewhat rawish dish.

Simple Veg Pho Recipe

In a small pot of water on the stove add:

Japanese buckwheat noodles
sea salt
soy sauce
green onions
nutritional yeast


  1. The Pho recipe sounds delicious. A while ago I veganized a version I found in Vegetarian Times. It was so good. It is hard to find a good vegan Pho around here.

    I really like your blog.

  2. no kidding! you have alot of great food ideas, i added you to my blogroll! :)