Saturday, June 27, 2009

Veg Nachos

Well I've never been a big fan of ordering nachos in a restaurant and that's probably because they are usually smothered in ground beef, cheese and sour cream! This recipe turned out great so I finally found a solution in veg nachos.

Begin with spreading low sodium nacho chips on a pan and then lightly top with a mix of soy based vegetarian chili from PC (best canned veg chili ever!) and Yves Veggie Ground - the combination makes the mix more solid. Lightly and sporadically add one can of preferred salsa, previously drained so as to make these yummy and crunchy veg nachos instead of runny tomato juice veg

Add another layer of nachos and repeat. Add black beans and (soy or dairy) shredded cheese this time. Finally I garnished with chopped green onions from my garden. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and serve!


  1. I've never tried chilli on nachos as I often opt for refried beans instead! Gotta be careful with the Yves products though, as they're made from genetically modified soybeans...

  2. Do the chips get soggy?

    I was feeling lazy yesterday and opened some tinned chili from Amy's. It was pretty good - quite a kick from jalapenos, some texture from soy (organic!) and small red beans - I think they might be pinto.