Monday, May 2, 2011

Met Opening Photos!

The Metropolitan Market opening weekend was a huge success! A constant flow of support and intrigue, leaving all with an uplifted and refreshed perspective of London, Ontario and its creative arts core. It was a pleasure talking with community members and fellow art vendors - my vending partner and friend Michelle Bezanson of Bezanson Dezigns and I spent the exhilerating days in awe of the diversity of art mediums and forms of expression. Thanks 379 Collective for all the hard work! It was an additional pleasure getting to share the space with the likes of City Lights Bookshop and Alchemy Recycling & Trade Co. to name a few! You can catch our table again next weekend except the difference is we will be featuring recycled DIY art of various forms at The Handmade Festival! See you next Saturday at the Central London Public Library - and don't forget to stop into The Met for a day of local creations!