Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fracking Workshop at Occupy London


What is fracking?
- process of extracting natural gas from shale rock formations deep underground
-drilling method that injects water and chemicals into our ground water supply

Who would profit from fracking around our water sources? What can we do to prevent health impacts? Fracking could be coming to the London area - bringing major threats to our drinking water. Fracking is a more intense form of 'natural' gas extraction, and there are a lot of other problems with the process. Fracking is a big business agenda that few community members have been talking about, so far. That's why we've arranged this workshop at the Occupy London site on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6th AT 3PM!

“the chromosomes and genes in the nucleus of every cell are identical…these identical genes, depending on where they are located,

give their instructions as if they are perfectly aware of not what is going on all over the body but also what is needed from them in relationship to it all”
-Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden

hydraulic fracturing i.e.“fracking”
= contaminates groundwater
= threatens drinking water
= depletes water resources
= poses serious health risks
=compromises world wide water security for corporate profits
= is currently unmonitored and unregulated
= endangers 1/5 of the world’s fresh surface water; THE GREAT LAKES, which we (especially as the people of Southern Ontario) have an international responsibility to enjoy and protect

Celebrate & Protect Water Commons!

"A Commons narrative asserts that no one owns water. Rather it is a common heritage that belongs to the Earth, other species and future generations as well as our own. Because it is a flow resource necessary for life and ecosystem health, and because there is no substitute for it, water must be regarded as a public Commons and a public good and preserved as such for all time in law and practice. " - Maude Barlow


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