Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegan Suet: Baking for Birds and Squirrels!

My yard is full of beautiful creatures mowin down!

I cannot hide my exitement in this early morning post, as trying out a suet recipe for the birds is proving least so far for the squirrels! This is the recipe that I found which has been altered as shown. I threw a few cubes out the window into the yard when I got up and the squirrels have gotten to it with speed! SUPERCUTE to see them chowin down on amazing peanut butter suet thats vegan! I had to resist the stuff myself....hmmm maybe I'm a little deprived in the sweet snack department!

Homemade Peanut Butter Suet from

Melt 1 cup shortening. Add 16-20 ounces of crunchy peanut butter.
Heat and stir until melted.
Add 1 cup of raisins, 1 cup of black oil sunflower seeds, 6 cups of cornmeal and 4 cups of flour.
Spoon into a 13X9 pan. Chill until it is hard. Cut into chunks for suet feeders (or stuff into cracks and crevices in logs).


Homemade Vegan Peanut Butter Suet

Melt 2-3 sticks or 1 cup of vegan shortening
Add 8-10 ounces crunchy peanut butter
Add 4 cups of cornmeal
Add 1 cup black oil seed for wild birds or any other (bird)seed to the brew
Slowly stir in 2 cups of whole wheat flour
Pour into pan(s) or casserole dish(es) and chill in the fridgidare
Cut into cubes and put into bird feeders, specific suet feeders, in the cracks of trees and benches, wait and enjoy as the animals do too!

*use organic ingredients if possible to make things critter friendly


  1. Oh ... nice! Bet your "critters" love it!! And you're right ... it sounds good enough to eat! I'm going to try it for my critters ... we have a family of about 6 squirrels that come by each morning and lots of birds. Thanks for sharing!

  2. hope you all get to enjoy! would be great with raisins or currants!

  3. Thanks for such a great recipe. We get a lot birds in the yard and I like to help them out as much as I can, especially in winter.