Monday, June 1, 2009

Windsor Indie Art & Eco Action

Now that the grass down by the Windsor riverfront is long enough to braid - that is exactly what kind of eco action is going down! Leesa Bringas has been leading the process and I think it is a brilliant solution. I share the sentiments that have been expressed on various Windsor pages and blogs such as the recent post on the ever ingenuitive Broken City Lab! Click to see pics here

I also found this great link from a 2007 article but found it to be an informative and interesting take on Windsor's indie/artsy venues, including CJAM, and what they have to offer:


  1. Grass Braiding. Interesting but even looking at her twitter, I'm not sure why they are braiding grass? Who is striking what?

  2. there is a city worker strike in Windsor - the garbage is piling up, we can park pretty much anywhere without getting a ticket and the city's grass is getting so long that people came up with the eco-art initiative to braid it down!