Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plants and Plants and Plants and

GARDENING TIME! This may very well be the last garden I plant while living at home (as I am moving in the fall) - lots of great space with a little shade and mostly sunshine! It was a perfect day to plant - I got out there in the late afternoon when it was warm but with a mild cool breeze. Tonight I will give the entire thing a light mist. I love this time of year and this is one of the reasons why. Planting season gives us an opportunity to physically and spiritually reconnect with nature by initiating the phenomenon of its natural life cycles. As I mentioned in a post about preparing quinoa, the feeling of running my bare hands through soil, much like grain, is a humble and organic experience!
No gloves for this girl...

Today in my vegetable and herb gardens I planted:

Tomatoes, green and yellow cucumber and zucchini, fennel, red and Spanish onions, eggplant, organic radishes and spinach seeds, coriander, nutmeg and lemon thyme, rosemary, pineapple sage and basil.

I also have some parsley, chives and dill already going with a few flowers here and there as well! As pictured right, the chives, perennial flowers and dill have spiraled a bit out of control! Below is a picture of my treasured herb garden.

Wish me luck - if you have any questions please ask and also look back to see summer veg recipes posted with the freshest ingredients of those listed above. If you know of any recipes that call for them then please do not hesitate to share them with me!

happy gardening!


  1. Hey Nicole, thanks for your visit and comment!
    I hope I can have a house someday to start a garden, it's so amazing ;o)

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