Monday, May 18, 2009

Spontaneous DIY

This is the stuff I made! I am a hand sewer and do not own or know how to use a sewing machine and still these projects were really easy. First I made a simple square apron for all of my veg cooking endeavours. Value Village is a fabric goldmine! Made a pouch purse for my friend too with the same material. Very fun and easy process which also makes a great gift. These were some spontaneous crafts as I am new to creating other than bags and purses. DIY really saves alot of money plus all of the time and various forms of energy that would have been otherwise spent in the process of shopping/buying/consuming.

DIY Apron Instructions

Cut out two layers of fabric in the whichever shape you want your apron to be. Simply hand-stitch them together by looping the needle and thread around all the outside corners. Cut out additional squares if you want to sew on pockets in which obviously only three sides will need to be stitched. Use excess material to cut an approximately two 1 inch strips for the straps. I sewed these onto the sides and added a button over each.

DIY Purse Instructions

Another project I did with the same fabric was a pouch for my friend who likes to shove all of what are usual wallet contents into a small-medium sized purse-like thing. I made one custom for her which includes a pocket for cards!

Cut out a double layer fabric rectangle slightly larger than a standard piece of paper. The purse is going to fold like a letter. First fold up the bottom half and sew the sides together. Wen sewing the top of the bottom fold together, leave a space to act as the top of a pocket. Sew three sides down around wherever this opening is located. Fold down the top and cut the corners on an angle. Sew the sides of this together.
Add the button to the bottom of the bag and sew a few inch long piece of material to the bottom of the top flap, parallel to where the button is sewed at the bottom. Carefully make a button hole with scissors.

These are really basic and simple but I wanted to share the recent acceleration in my DIY initiatives! Get creative and use different coloured threads, patterns and accessories that look good together.


  1. I love doing this! I usually take mine from old clothes like t shirts.

  2. For sure, you gave me a great idea for my next creation! =) thanks for reading