Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meatless or Veggie?

Another question that I've been asked many times as a vegetarian is where to buy some decent veggie burgers. My recommendation is usually from PC's Blue Menu whose cartons are made from recycled and post-consumer materials. The 9-Vegetable Vegetarian Patty can be cooked in various ways including only three minutes in the microwave which I take advantage of my busy schedule. And its when I make this recommendation that the person asking specifies: "I want the one's that look and taste like real burgers!" Then I let them know that they are looking for what are not called veggie burgers but meatless burgers.

The difference is that veggie burgers taste like and are visibly made up of various vegetables which is most usually preferred by vegans and many vegetarians. Why eat simulated meat when you have lost the taste for it? Meatless soy-based options are definitely not raw food but they are still a popular choice. Meatless products try to mimic the look and taste of meat and veggie products do not. I sometimes eat both but I prefer veggie meat replacements over meatless meat replacements! This is especially true as of late with my raw food initiative! So if meatless burgers are what you prefer and are looking for the look and taste of authentic beef burgers then I recommend PC's World's Best Meatless Burgers.
There are countless meatless options, most of which are made from wheat or soy protien. With consuming any soy products, one should be aware of how much soy they are consuming and what the effects are. Soy is a highly processed food stuff and as The Whole Soy Story points out it is not a miracle food. For example, women should be aware of how it effects their system, especially while pregnant. And men watch out because it apparently lowers your sperm count. From what I understand, soy farming is also doing its part in destroying rainforests. To sum up the issue in my mind there are alot of good things about soy and it makes going veg easier as it was in my case. Sometimes it takes a while to loose the taste for certain meat dishes and soy based meat replacements helped me along. Though it seems to be a less harmful product than meat, soy has alot going against it aswell. Soy is not the answer to every meat replacement problem but it can be a relatively healthy and decent solution for alot of food items in particular situations. For example, compare this information to the meat and agriculture indisutry as touched on in a previous post.

Some Canadian companies offer meatless options and most are surprised to find out that almost all meat products can and are simulated, available in meatless form. President's Choice offers alot of options especially on their Blue Menu as linked above. PC is owned by the Canadian company Loblaws which actually has a green initiative, now offering such products as Green toilet paper, unbleached coffee filters and green cleaning products. Compliments which is owned by Sobeys also has quite a few choices as well. If you are wondering if someone has created a meatless replacement for one of your fave meat dishes then you are probably right. There is literally not one meat item that I can think of which has not been translated into a meatless alternative. The story is different with veggie choices however but if that is what you are looking for then the chances are you do not find meat simulation desirable. Hope this was able to clear up the veggie and meatless paradigm!

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  1. As far as soy's effects on the rainforest goes... the "vegetarians eating tofu" portion of that problem is probably far smaller than the "let's feed tons of soy protein to cows to get them fat and then feed the cows to humans" part of the problem.

    You might like this older post about trying to market meat alternatives as though they're meat, so that you don't lose the "beefy male" crowd.