Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Southwest Veg Dip

I seem to want to put pictures and recipes of most of my meals on this blog! Ex. I just had some yummy lettuce wraps. This is a dip I made for my family during the holiday weekend festivities. I encourage you to use as fresh and local ingredients as possible. Today's Windsor Star included a comprehensive guide and map to buying local produce in Windsor Essex County so check it out!
Southwest Veg Dip

This recipe only requires layering! Start with a layer of 1 can of refried beans. Then add another of red and/or black beans. Mix sour cream with red sauce or salsa in a bowl and use this as the next layer. Finish with guacamole (made with fresh avocado and lemon juice) and finally coat the top with chunks of tomato!

Ingredients I used. Quantity depends on how much dip you want to make!
-refried beans
-red beans
-sour cream (low-fat)
-red sauce or salsa
-avocado (guacamole)


  1. Keep the recipes coming - I love them!! Yay for avocados!

  2. glad someone is getting something out of them, thanks for reading and enjoy! =)

  3. (BTW... Made the dip for the boyfriend and the parents, and they LOVED it! Next time I'm thinking of replacing the sour cream with natural yogurt, yum!

  4. so awesome! yah sour cream is something I would miss if I went vegan or gave up dairy...I am slowly (slowly) on my way...yogurt is a good idea!