Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's Have A Sushi Party!

Happy to say one of the goals of my summer has been fulfilled! The directions I followed to make sushi were helpful but fairly vague so I am glad I was given advice from the woman working at Enchie Mart! Rice vinegar must be added to the "sticky rice" (when unseasoned add sugar and sea salt). I definitely did not cook the rice properly because it ended up fairly mushy but it worked! Here are the other steps I followed:

First prepare and chop preferred veggies into long strips.

Place one sheet of seaweed on bamboo sushi mat, shinier side facing up! Then wet fingers and spread out a little less than one cup of sticky rice. The thicker the rice the bigger your sushi roll will be! Remember to smooth the rice out, packing it all the way to the side but leaving at least a half inch space of seaweed on the side of the sheet closest to you. Leave at least a one and a half inch space at the other end, leaving room for the rice to spread as sushi is being rolled.

Lightly wet the space of seaweed closest to you and begin to use the mat to roll the sushi with a forward motion. Gently push down on the top of the mat with a flat hand occasionally during the rolling process. Try it out, you kind of get the feel for it once you are doing it yourself! As pictured below, my friend Jessie helped me out and we were pretty proud of ourselves for finally giving this a try. As you can see we made quite a bit!

Slice the sushi roll with a sharp wet knife. Garnish with roasted sesame seeds on top and you have just made some form of sushi! We dipped ours in peanut sauce and soy sauce with wasabi (Japanese horseradish).

What I used to make sushi:
-rolling mat
-sticky rice
-rice vinegar
-sea salt
-seaweed papers
-orange pepper
-snap peas


  1. Awesome! Man, you're lucky the rice was a little mushy, actually. When I tried it my sticky rice ended up being SERIOUSLY sticky and was glued around my kitchen for days. Haha, yours looks delish!

  2. Oh, this looks delish!

    I bought the bamboo mats years ago and now I use a couple of them to roll up my oil and watercolor brushes. Maybe I ought to finally give this a try - you make it look fun and easy, thanks!

  3. hope you get to it and that your rice turns out better than mine did haha!

  4. Man, those rolls look scrumptious. Whenever I make sushi, it's often really rice heavy, so I commend you for adding a fitting portion of 'ingredients.'